Online Banking App Landing Page Animation

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If you advertise your product or services via Internet, you know that a landing page is the most comprehensive type of ad. It gives the most information about what you promote in comparison with banners or other smaller ad formats. Here's our concept of a banking app landing page.

The shot shows an animated upper section of the landing page. It contains illustrations of a smartphone with real app screens. This gives a sneak peek into what's inside the app. It also shows some details about the app and the advantages of using it.

We've picked a color scheme to be simple but well-balanced using white and dark grey with some colorful accents.

This landing page is a solid example of how to make a good product presentation. By following a few simple rules, the page achieves its main objective of catching one's attention and attracting new users.

What are your thoughts on this landing page design?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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