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The last part of Mudita Launcher - Schedules 🗓

Triggered by Apple announcing its new digital well-being features we decided to present an app that we’ve been working on for the last year - Mudita Launcher for Android.

Mudita Launcher is our take on creating a digital well-being assistant for Android. The app helps you focus and use your Android smartphone in a more mindful manner. It limits notifications and arranges your Android apps in a way that reflects your daily routines.

Choose the apps that make you most productive at work, at school, or simply cut off any distractions when you want to focus. Customize the levels of distraction your smartphone produces. Every schedule has its own adjustable level of allowed notifications. Select one to five apps that are always there no matter what schedule setting is currently active.

The great news is that it’s now available for Beta testers - apply now at

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