Doesn’t matter whether you work out to lose weight, gain muscle, or prepare for a zombie apocalypse. If you’re not tracking your progress, how do you know you’re getting better? That’s why Reach gives you a journal to compare your old and new self. Take a minute and see how far you’ve come. Or brag about it.

​​A few words about Reach
​​If you try to achieve your fitness goal alone, it’s gonna be a tough journey. With Reach, you can literally reach out to your favorite fitness influencer and never have a bad workout again. They also help you choose the right diet, so you’re bound to make it.
​​​​​​My role in a project
​​In the early 2018 I teamed up with Damian to help Reach build its fitness app. We designed cross-platform apps and ran user tests to prove our assumptions.

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