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UPDATE: The project tis LIVE on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drewwilson/dialoggs
Would love your support!! :D

Trying something new here on Dribbble: Fund raising! :D

Help support the development of Dialoggs buy pledging money :)

So here's the deal:
- I've been working on Dialoggs in me spare spare spare time for a long while now.
- The current interface is great! It's all HTML5 & CSS3 goodness. Using jQuery and custom javascript to power the interface's interactions: http://cl.ly/2w0o452G0x1l2r401i1d
- The backend has been started (but not completed) and is written in Node.js! REST + Realtime!
- I've since re-designed the entire interface: http://drbl.in/bglJ
- A public API will be available for 3rd party devs to go wild with and create awesome apps built on this data

What is Dialoggs? A new network for better communication. Filling the gap between: Twitter, iChat & Tumblr.
It is NOT a client for twitter or any other network. It is it's own network. It's built from the ground up to be all about easily communicating with others. That means it's in realtime, you can invite others to join a group discussion, all posts are permanently saved and will have their own page like tumblr. You can have private discussions as well. You can have multiple users per account. Your posts can optionally be auto sent out to your Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook as well. You can attach multiple photos, videos and code snippets to a post.
It's more than just status updates, and it's much more than a static blog with comments. It's the best of both world. Realtime communication that is permanently stored and (optionally) publicly available.
There is so much more, but if you really want those details i'm guessing you are also interested in possibly supporting the project :) So send me an email: drew _at_ drewwilson.com and i'll get you more details :)

So why should you support the development of Dialoggs?
Maybe you are tired of trying to have conversations on twitter and being limited to 140 characters? Maybe you are tired of not being able to show others a chat dialog you had using iChat? Or maybe you jus think it's a rad idea :)
Either way, supporting Dialoggs will get you more than early beta access.. i'll also give you the previous Dialoggs interface and all it's source files! This does not include any back-end code… just the HTML/CSS/JS and PSD :) Use it to build your own chat app :) It's fully cross-browser!

I'm hoping to raise enough money to finish off the rest of tasks left on Dialoggs 1.0
This will take ~1 month of development time.

Will you help me build this? If so, email me! :D
I'm jus trying to see if there is enough interest to raise money on Dribbble. If not, no worries.. it will just be a long while before I can finish this. But it will one day get finished!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

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