Molde | Naming and Visual Identity

Molde is a new home and decor eCommerce in Brazil. In December, the founder, with whom I had worked with before, reached out to me to discuss the new brand she wanted to launch, but this time, we would have to start from scratch, as she knew what she wanted to sell, but she didn't have a name for it yet and no visual identity.

After a couple of sessions, I started an intensive research. I knew she wanted a clean, minimalist brand, and she was heavily inspired by the Scandinavian decor style. She wanted to show minimalism can still be beautiful and comfortable. The brand also cares deeply about the environment, so there you have it: clean, earthy, minimal, Nordic... Molde.

Why Molde?

Molde is a town in Norway and even the color palette for the brand was extracted from pictures of the town itself. The shape of an M can also be seen in many Scandinavian products. See the initial brainstorm:

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