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Happy Friday friends!

Ok, yes. I am addicted to task management tools. More than you can imagine :sweat_smile: What is really interesting when I was younger I decided my task into three main categories: Work; Personal and Health.
I know what you want to say: Health should be a part of Personal, but No. We so often forget about our Health. From my personal experience, when you see it as a separate task list, you will pay more attention than you can imagine. Thant’s why I have here this number of main lists.
You as a user can create separate task lists as you wish, and it would be up to you, but only under premium subscription, so the basic App will cover three main directions in your life.
One day this App will be alive, and I would be the biggest fan of it. If you want to make this concept alive, please let me know to discuss in person how we can extend this App together. So please ping me to hire.

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