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Long time no see! Last time I’ve posted something here it was 2020 and it’s been already a while since we’ve made it through that tough year (ugh!), but there’s something I wanted to show you that has been done in 2020. Ready? Here we go!

Getting Strong
People get hurt all the time - through sports, exercising, or work. When people get hurt, they either let the injury linger, or go to a doctor, who sometimes prescribes Physical Therapy (PT). When they go to PT - each patient gets an extremely generic rehab protocol. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8, 18, 38, or 80 - you will be getting the same rehab protocol. Strong app is about reinventing the physical therapy industry by using AI to create a hyper-customized rehab protocol for each patient.

Our role
The mission here was to create an app that checks all the boxes in the UX department but doesn’t play it safe in terms of UI. The goal was to create a dynamic, bold, sleek & athletic app interface w/ tons of energy. It wasn’t just about the functionality, but the interface itself was meant to tune you up into this powerful mood that helps you get back to your pre-injury form with the „I can do anything!” attitude!

Training session
The app prepares a few training sessions per day. You can browse through the sessions and preview the exercises within. You will get a notification if there are any new exercises, that got to your training session for the first time.

Do you like this project? Would you like to get Strong? 💪

More app screens coming soon!


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