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Welcome to Darragh Distilling Co.
Over two years ago I had the idea for the imaginary irish whiskey brand »Darragh Distilling Company«. I wanted to hone my skills in spirits packaging and branding and started to work on it besides my usual client work. It was a lot of fun but also time consuming because I wanted to make the best work I could do.
Of course, there were also big breaks because I had paid work to do. During the project I realised how important it is for me to do projects that are completely detached from budgets and client expectations. It seems essential to form and explore styles and skills.
What I enjoyed most was telling a story. Just using graphic design and illustration to bring the world of Darragh to life was the most rewarding part of the project.
Typefaces and fonts I used in the process are Botanist by Jason Carne, Hebden by Lewis McGuffie, Shackleton by Brian Brubaker, Blackbike by Simon Walker and Raval Blackletter by Andrei Robu. Most of them are available from Typeverything.

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