Skype Redesign

Skype Redesign

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Skype is a most important app that we use in our daily lives its not only useful for designer, developer but its also used by thousands of family. Its been 5+ years I have started using skype and I love how easy it make your life when it comes to connect with people but there is also few things I think can be improved and can make life easier
1. File sharing 
right now we lost the files when we shared in the ton of chats and we need to scroll up and up just to get the file I have shared i have tried to have that in top with call and attach icon so you can see easily see how many files you have sent and which file you have shared recently rather than scrolling
2. Contact 
Its good what they have now but its hard to see all contact together just in a one glance so it should be better if we have contact somewhere visible and can be easily accessible.
I have used some of the icons from drop I love their icons I wish I could make such icons :) Please let me know your feedback what you guys think? and if you like it do press that sweet button "L" and share it to the web :)

ps. I have to delete the previous shot because of lots things that I have missed thanks to @Kaushik V. Panchal and @Ragnar Võrel for pointing out those things to me please let me know what you think now :)


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