THANK YOU x 1,210!!


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I am a tad quirky about symbolic numbers, and I wanted to say Thank You for all the follows in a unique way. I joined Dribbble on Dec. 10, or 12 10. Odd I realize, but celebrate we shall!

More importantly is the THANK YOU to all of you for following, supporting, inspiring and encouraging me and my work over the past 2 years!

A very special thank you to @Josh Lewis he was the one who encouraged and invited me to join the wonderful world of Dribbble. He has been a long time friend, and an illustrator I admire greatly! Please follow his work if you aren't already, his recent Our Solar System work is incredible:

I also want to thank @Carlos for being follow #1,210! Check out his Cackleberry characters!

The biggest thank you goes to the creators and team @Dribbble! This massive show and tell, has helped me grow as an illustrator through the connections and joy of celebrating fellow creatives!

This animated illustration was inspired by the endless ocean of incredibly talented creatives that I am deeply inspired by every day here on Dribbble. Though I absolutely love sharing my work, hearing feedback and seeing how fellow creatives connect with the concepts. It is the daily interactions as a die hard fan of this unique collection of creatives that really makes Dribbble not just a daily stop, but an ever expanding sea of inspiration on many levels!

(note: my first shot back in 2012 was a deep sea diver riding a whale like a rodeo cowboy, seemed fitting to keep up that theme of deep sea divers ... been obsessed with them since i was a kid!)

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