Follow Up App (aka TMT)

Follow Up App (aka TMT)

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A while ago I was following up with hundreds of people who had signed up for an app I was working on. The process was extremely repetitive but it was important to me to try and tailor each email to the potential customer based on how much they'd used the app, what they'd been trying to do when they used it, when they'd last logged in, and the last time we'd talked to them over email or gchat. In order to do this, I was checking multiple web-apps and looking up users manually each time; then I'd put all the relevant information together and start writing an email—it was a huge waste of time. I've tried lots of CRM products over the years but many of them suffer from stale or non-existent data and very few work well with email.

To save time, I built a tool that pulled in data from Mixpanel, Stripe, Gmail, and the app's database. It would prioritize the list of people that I needed to follow up with, show me the relevant data, and pre-fill an email with their address and the internal signups email thread. Once it was up-and-running I was able to zoom through lots of follow-ups really quickly and take more time to write something personal instead of tabbing through apps and data.

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