cable ladder
Three important points about Kabul ladder

The points that you should pay attention to before buying this type of ladder, and by observing them, you can buy with more confidence, are as follows:

Determining cabling routes: Before starting to install this type of ladder, it is necessary to determine the origin and destination of the wires. This will make our need for elbows, tees, crossovers and any additional connections clear.

Diagnosis and elimination of all safety hazards: First, it must be determined whether there is a possibility of damage to the wires and fire in the environment. Before buying a ladder, anything that endangers the safety of the occupants and the wires must be removed.

Check the environment: The environment in which the cable tray is to be installed must be thoroughly evaluated. This will determine the required height of this type of ladder and the working space.

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Posted on May 18, 2021

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