Call Recorder Mobile App

Our client saw the potential for a new call recorder app in the iOS market. Together we created a new mobile application, with their ideas of improving existing models of recoding and our development and market research. This easy-to-use iOS app allows you to record, save, and store your calls while making them easily accessible without eating up your storage space.

It is a simple and elegant mobile app with a clean and effective UI/UX, having a backend implementation and data storage on the server.

SMS verification proved to be an easy job for Call-recorder mobile app, while the most intriguing part of app development was enabling the reproduction of recorded calls on mobile devices and auto-renewable In-App Purchases.

Researching the best UI/UX practices for this iOS mobile app, we decided to implement informative and simple tutorials for our users. Apple documentation on audio and video library helped us get an insight into how to create the best possible audio player for recording audio reproduction.

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