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Being a programmer is surely a dream for any teenager. Lots of money, fame, expensive cars. However, it's definitely something that gives you a lot of fun. So why not do it in the best companies in the world like Google, Facebook, or Apple? Here is where Binarysearch comes in handy. An app that will teach you what's necessary. You can even play with your friends a bit.

What was the challenge?

Binarysearch has achieved enormous success already in its first year of operation. Nearly 3 million reports and almost a million problems solved.
Idea validated? Check
A new design that fits perfectly with current users?
Not exactly... Call Tonik!

We improve the quality of the product through a new user-oriented design. Is the entire product based on a new design system? Sure thing!

How did we help?

We started with a moodboard prepared based on the brand sprint. With the vision of the visual direction, we started our exploration. We created the first screens in an iterative process. We started building the entire application, crafting the product design system at the same time.

What’s Binarysearch?

Binarysearch is a coding interview prep platform where you can solve problems live with friends. Do you want to get a job on Google, Facebook, or Apple? No problem. Binarysearch focuses on preparing for job interviews with the best companies in the world.


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