Zu is the ancient language of "the Zu Folk" from FEZ. This font contains two OTF (Open Type Format) files that cover the alphabet and numerals of their language.

The Zu language is written top-to-bottom, right-to-left, so I made two OTF files for it...

* Zu-Regular: letters are upright and legible when typing left-to-right. Harder to type top-to-bottom without using a vertical type tool.

* Zu-90-Regular: everything is turned -90 degrees so that it is ready to be typed out normally and then rotated to the right to read as it does in-game.

The special characters for numbers 3 through 7 (used when doing addition) are included in the file as well, but you must use a glyphs menu to access them.

Download them for free at http://themizark.show/zu

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