Notebox - Dropbox Powered Notes (OS X 10.10 Concept)

Notebox - Dropbox Powered Notes (OS X 10.10 Concept)

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I've had sketches and ideas for my ideal OS X notes app down in a notebook for years and with the impending OS X 10.10 redesign, decided to take an initial stab at it early this morning.

I store notes as plain text in a @Dropbox folder but have always wanted an OS X app that wraps them up into a nice package and that adds some cool functionality. This is just a first go and there's lots to be added and lots to be refined. I quite like the initial overall direction and find exploring different concepts for OS X 10.10 to be fun and challenging.

Thanks to @Bill Labus for the wallpaper and the menu bar style.

Be sure to check the @2x and attachment for full mockup.

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