Nagarro Annual Report 2020

A brand is never really complete. A brand is more like an ever-going, undefined number of challenges approached with a common goal, baseline, and mindset. That's how a brand evolves and matures.

Nagarro's Annual Report for 2020 was one more step on the rebranding process that started in 2019 and got launched mid-last year.

Penned under the theme "A New Day", the Annual Report shows a company going through a challenging year (for the entire world), and coming out bigger, better, refreshed, and now fully independent.

These pivoting times in a company are demanding but also opportunities to revamp, and we sure took the chance.

Designed with care by Noel Cunningham, Ben Chemelski, Jasmeet Sondhi, Peter Hammer and myself. Made by many more at Nagarro.

Check it here:
Landing page by Gil Rodrigues.

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