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Plasso Dashboard

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Plasso Dashboard analytics web data app payments graph navigation sidebar stats

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I made this a couple weeks ago.. but decided to throw it up here cuz i keep opening it up daily excited to implement it! I have a bunch of stuff to do before i can though... but SOON!

I re-engineered Space Box to make Plasso.. so got the back-end even more solid. I also complete re-designed and re-engineered the purchase pages on Plasso. Next up will be an all new Dashboard and an all new Recurring/Subscription interface!

Then.. maybe then i'll feel satisfied with it :)

actually no... i need to re-do the homepage .. gonna get super detailed into each aspect of the product.. imagine the size/scope of apple's product pages. I'll do a "product page" for each major feature of Plasso. Gonna be rad!

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