JW.S® (2021) site is live:

This site is the culmination of a lot of work to pull together my own design, content, and (nominal) development abilities. The 2021 site is built upon the skeleton of the previous one, and I applied a lot of learnings from it– in development, content strategies, how I want to represent myself, and what end-goal it really serves.

There’s no webGL, displacement maps, or anything too fancy… of course there’s millions of things I’d love to do but don’t know how… but it helps me focus on championing the content. In general, I tried to walk the line of being progressive when I could, and practical when I should. It’s not perfect (and it never will be), but its a good 1.0 for me to continue to build off of as I already have a long list of post-launch fixes and improvements.

More posts to come with further details, and forthcoming updates.

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