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Eclipse Concept / Mockup

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Eclipse Concept / Mockup eclipse concept mockup design interface desktop ide software

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I saw many concepts and redesigns of popular software that doesn't need them. But let's face it: There is plenty of software that just looks and feels ugly and all those who do mockups should pay attention to it.

One popular example of such a piece of software is the Eclipse IDE. It is used by hunreds of thousands (if not millions, don't know the exact figures) of people but very few pay attention to the design of it.
I tried my best to create a concept that shows how Eclipse could look like in modern flat design with platform specific accents to it. I also integrated the Android ADT / SDK in this mockup.

I removed a few things that just are not important enough to be visible in standard configuration - but I did not recreate everything (i.e. DDMS perspective).

Hope you like this one! Everything was created using Sketch 3.

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