Julys June: Edition 1 of Frames Collection

Julys June: Edition 1 of Frames Collection

Frames Collection:
An experiment in storytelling through the collaboration of design and literature. Each edition explores the symbiotic relationship between written word, visual design, and the experience they create. Working together, designer and writer craft a new and unique story to tell and construct the frame to show it.

See it Live: http://www.framescollection.com/manly.html

Frames was created as an outlet to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try new things. The collection of short stories gives me the creative freedom to approach each story with a new visual language.

Julys June was the first story that I designed and it was a challenging beast. This story has hand drawn elements and typography laid through out. I really wanted the story to feel original, organic and flow from one transition to the next. I did not want moments to feel repetitive or have harsh line breaks. Combining literature and visual design ended up being more complicated than I originally thought but in the end it was very rewarding.

I really hope you guys enjoy the story and I'm curious to see if you feel it was successful. Do you think the visuals helped to enhance the story? Did it confuse things? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Last note, it has been a long Journey getting to this point because Frames is 100% passion project. So it gets a back seat to everything else going on in my life. I have other stories designed and in development but the goal is to release a story every few months.

Author: Kyle Keen
Developer: Nathan Lampe


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