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Being in lockdown means finding creative ways to spend your time. Exercise and gym has become a part of my daily life and as a creative, I often find myself admiring interface design, dissecting it and redesigning it. I have been using fitness apps from Leap Fitness Group- this design was inspired by one of their mobile apps, which has become part of my daily life. Redesigning the app provided me with so many learnings into standard conventions in the fitness/ gym design realm, which include but are not limited to:

1. Onboarding is your opportunity to gather information about users. This information can be used later for profiling and to generate personalized content.

2. User profiles in fitness apps are a space where you store all the learnings you have gathered from your users early on. This includes things like their fitness goals, height, weight etc. Leverage this information to create memorable & interactive experiences with your users.

3. Dashboard / Home page: While it is good to keep a record of all the information the users provide on their way to signing up, this is where you need to find a balance between keeping things informative & interesting or overwhelming and too informative. The idea is to keep the user honed in on their fitness journey, you also want to incorporate fun ways of keeping them motivated & coming back to the app. Keeping things simple is key.

Data visualisation is also an essential skill one can pick up in designing fitness apps. By looking at the different apps that are available, you get to learn the different ways in which users like to interact with their data. Did I miss anything? Want to share what you have learned? Feel free to leave a comment :)

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Posted on May 11, 2021
sibulele nomtshongwana
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