VR Registration prototype #1

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In my spare time, I learning C# and making a UI toolkit for Unity that should allow prototype user interface quickly. Hope, that it will be useful not only for me but currently, it's a WIP.
And it's a test prototype where I also tried to solve UX problems of register forms in VR:

- Since typing in VR still difficult, it's better to avoid type text where possible. So button that allows using connected account placed first and has high contrast.

- If you already registered, you can click on the big "Sign in" button on the right of the UI. And because we have a full 360 environment it can be shown on other screens too(in case you realize that you already registered).

- When a modal window shows, the main UI is going back in space which allows the user to stay focused on the same distance.

- All controls should have large hit colliders. Otherwise, it will be difficult to click with a pointer.

- All fonts and elements should be big to stay readable in the headset.

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