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In the neighborhood life of Turkey, stray animals appear as a natural part of city life, unlike many other settlements in the world. Stray animals continue to exist with us as part of the organic fabric of our cities. This culture of coexistence, inherited from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, has made stray animals our neighbors in a unique way.

In our country, the city where this situation is observed most is Istanbul. A large number of street animals live in Istanbul, one of the few mega cities in the world. However, the number of street animals in Istanbul varies according to their source. It is important to collect reliable data in order to better manage stray animal needs and to make data-based decisions. On the other hand, the effects of volunteers who make individual efforts in the care of stray animals in their neighborhoods remain limited for many reasons. It is very important that municipalities and neighborhood volunteers act in cooperation in order to live in harmony, love and safety with stray animals.

SemtPati Project offers a comprehensive and effective solution by facilitating this cooperation with the support of technology.

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Posted on May 10, 2021

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