Colorful Laptop Mockups

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Stylish laptop mockup pack in the trendy art style for creating a website presentation for highly visual web themes, such as an online shop app, web store, high tech WordPress theme, fashion catalog, magazine, gaming or esports portal, social media community, mass media website, or online cinema service. Use juicy colors and a magic zero gravity visual effect to amaze your audience!

Captivating Blue\ Choose blue as a fresh harmonious color with an inspiring touch. The color of the sky and the sea, it symbolizes freedom, intelligence, reliability, stability, and aristocracy. It makes your content look calm, serious and balanced.

Energetic Red
Warm and optimistic, powerful and extremely confident, red is the color of burning sun, glowing magma, and hot fire. It’s a sign of leadership qualities and high ambitions. The mockups in red indicate energy, power, action, and excitement.

Chic Green
The lush green of this pack gives a lively, dynamic lively feel. Reminding of spring, new life, and growth, it’s also associated with good luck, money, and wealth. The color of young grass, it’s the most healing and soothing for the eye.

Feel free to experiment with design within the pack: replace and change the elements scale, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create your own new pictures.

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