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I have been designing a client app from the ground up, with a whole range of what seemed like basic features, that turned into a longer process of me thinking out how the app should work and creating an entire experience from nothing.

This app is used to find sunset and or sunrise photo shoot locations, sharing shots, rating locations, and tracking destinations all in one app.
This is a paid client project that is still undergoing revisions and design changes prior to development however the MVP version 1.0, shown here, is officially accepted.

it's been challenging yet exciting to design how an entire application works, looks, and feels. Having to make all design decisions makes you stop and think deeply before you do the slightest thing such as adding a button or placing an image. I have loved working on this app and am look forward to dialing it in as it heads to development.

Completing the needed client revisions for V 1.1 and will share the full animated prototype soon!

Special thanks to MetaLab/Rosie Manning for the hand mockup presentation which you can download here:
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