Pacific Gold Cannabis Branding

Long overdue in sharing this work we are so proud to have collaborated on with Pacific Gold ! ⁠⠀
Pacific Gold makes responsibly grown, all-natural cannabis oils & products for that out-of-office, every-day’s-abeach-day feeling.⁠⠀
Pacific Gold’s Founder, Jules, brought the Hoodzpah team on to to establish branding throughout visual identity, voice and messaging, packaging, and POS displays. Jules has been a consultant for some of the top cannabis brands in California for years. With his new brand, he was looking to create a product that felt accessible to everyone. Dare we say, the Coca-Cola of Cannabis?! Something a UCLA student, a mom of two, a corporate suit, or your Grandma might smoke to relax and take a load off after a long day. Something not steeped in weed tropes, but appealing to the growing demographic of cannabis consumers.⁠⠀

Brand Identity and Type Design for oohs and aaahs

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