Parcel Tracking App Design

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The last year saw an unprecedented rise in online shopping, and delivery services were also in demand. With order tracking still highly required, we explored a concept of a parcel tracking app. It helps you to track all your parcels using only one tool.

The left screen on the shot is a home page where the user can see the list of their parcels with the delivery status. Here the user can add new tracking codes. The screen on the right is a tracked parcel page that shows its delivery history, current status, delivery cost, and picking point.

We've picked the color scheme based on the current bright colors trend. This decision also required using a neutral white background to keep the element contrast and make content easy to read.

We wanted to create a tracking aggregator that allows adding parcels and orders from different delivery companies. The app also has an order management feature, so users can assign priority status to certain orders and place them on the main page for quicker access.

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