Re/code Redesign Concept

Recode redeign concept

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Re/code is an independent tech news, reviews and analysis site, from the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media.

I really enjoy reading Re/code whenever I am linked to their content (through twitter and other new sites) however I never find myself actually going to the site when I want to get my daily dose of tech news.

After short reflection I realized why, the current is layed out in a grid veiw which meant I wasn't sure where to look first. Also some of the font sizes were pretty small, making it hard to read.

So as a personal project I decided to put aside 3 hour on a Saturday night to Re/design ;) Re/code.

My goals in the redesign were to maintain everything that is on the current site and just lay it out in a simpler/clearer manner using the Re/code brand colors and fonts.

CC appreciated.

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