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For more than 60 years TACO Marine has provided innovative marine and sport fishing products that solidified their position as an industry leader. Their products are well known for their supreme quality with boat builders, dealers, distributors, accessory manufacturers and retailers relying on TACO’s industry knowledge to deliver products, testing equipment, and processes that are both time and budget conscious.

TACO Marine distributes direct to the consumer and also supplies on a wholesale and resale basis. The multi-faceted delivery systems for this client, as well as their desire to serve as a hub of information for the marine industry, keep TACO on the forefront of innovations and developments within the marine industry.

TACO Marine’s original site did not incorporate a project management system, so they were beholden to a third party to make any changes on the site. This was extremely expensive, as the company’s prices and inventory changed frequently. Taco Marine traditionally sold their products through distributors, dealers and boat builders, but only to consumers through aftermarket partners like West Marine. Because all dealers and distributors did not inventory all of their products, however, TACO Marine wanted to move to online sales, but the site did not function in this way.

A CRM with eCommerce capabilities was built into the new, Sigma Solve designed site. The CRM allowed for TACO Marine’s two-step distribution to incorporate shipping and processing without interference or error. More than 700 new SKUs were added to the website and product stills and videos were reshot for display. Highlighted pages became the most visited pages on the site, proving ease of access for the end customer. Traffic to the new TACO Marine site is up 25 percent due to the SEO friendly nature of the site.

Taco Marine is excited to work with Sigma Solve for phase two of their website and enjoys working with the project management team, who presented deliverables on time and on budget. As new challenges were presented, the Sigma Solve team jumped to meet deadlines, even if the challenges were outside the original scope of work.

We employed a problem solving attitude which helped the TACO Marine team to address their core issues. The company is now moving into the next phase of ERP integration which will enable TACO Marine to sell custom products online.

We adopted an Agile approach for software development, providing continuous delivery that is adaptive to changes required by the business. Agile is a standard practice for services-oriented projects, code and design deliverables. Sigma teams employ it when the client’s involvement is crucial for development or when the product’s features and functions are not set in stone, allowing margins to improve and adapt. Through small, incremental changes Sigma Solve will continue to test and advance swiftly towards the end product while remaining flexible to evolving circumstances and initial plan modifications.


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Posted on Apr 27, 2021
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