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Bored with conservative bank apps? Here's something for you! This is our exploration of a bank app targeted at younger generations to help them manage their finances.

The first mockup is a splash screen that introduces the app to a user. The second screen is the app home page with a user's bank card, transaction history, and quick transfer options. The third screen shows a detailed transaction history in a shop. One can see how much they've spent over a time period.

We picked the colors based on our target audience and bank app trends. This is why we employed the dark theme. It also serves to visualize the displayed information, attract the user's attention, and make the experience more eye-friendly.

The app offers a range of convenient services. The user can customize quick transaction bar on the main screen and track their spendings in a particular shop to have a better understanding of their spending habits.

Please share your thoughts on our dark theme app in the comments!

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