One of my favorite aspects of the new Tome identity is the visual language showcasing scraps of books and paper. I came up with and set a vision for the overall art direction, but the Tome team brought it to life. They made their own collages seen throughout the brand. It adds a really ownable element that is versatile and shows off their innovative creativity.

Tome is a book sustainability company located in the Pacific Northwest. Day in and day out, they take old, trashed, discarded books and use them as a starting point for creating new products like paper goods, newspapers, notebooks, packaging materials, boxes, and even firestarters.

Tome’s purpose is to give life to the old and unwanted. The cast-offs and the forgotten.

I’m really excited to see this brand launch, especially on Earth Day!

My role was to come in as a guide and help the founders align on their purpose and give shape to the brand. Together, we came up with the name Tome, designed a visual identity, and crafted their story to build momentum and excitement around their cause.

Check out Tome.Eco for more!

Posted on Apr 22, 2021
JT Grauke
Strategic & story-driven branding and product design

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