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Hi everyone,

I am happy to share an interesting project I was working on some time ago.

The client
Ulobby is a SAAS platform that helps public affairs professionals in their daily work. They are people working for NGOs, organizations, or companies that try to shape the political situation.

What does the platform solve?
The platform gives you an opportunity to have customized news feeds, scraped from relevant online sources about the particular area users are interested in. Moreover, you can organize and manage meetings with a variety of influential people such as politicians in a wide range of sectors.

The challenge
Ulobby has approached me to help them solve a variety of UI design issues, focusing on the actual user experience.

The solution
During the process, I have provided the Ulobby team with different kinds of solutions regarding painful points in the design, which would make the user experience more human and convenient. Additionally, a UI kit was developed to keep the platform consistent and easy to change.

The services
– UI Design
– Design System (UI Kit)

My great appreciation to the Ulobby team represented by Lasse Lindsteen and Casper Sørensen.

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