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Let that Sun energy flow through your body! Yoga is a very popular practice around the globe. This is our exploration of a mobile yoga app created in bright and fun colors.

The shot shows the home page with a selected Beginner category and featured training sessions. On the page bottom, there's a navigation bar with the main app features. On the right, there's a menu sidebar with other, less frequently used app features.

We've crafted the color scheme to give out positive vibrations. It's very colorful and playful, with yellow serving as a basic color. The illustrations also help to create a lively atmosphere that inspires a user to try out a new session.

We want this app to be your personal yoga guide and help develop a sustainable habit of practicing yoga every day. For this, we've created an engaging and joyful interface design and thought through the user experience by offering a range of sessions based on the user's level.

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