FNX Code - Draft Specimen

Cranked a bunch on a monospace typeface a while back as an exploration of the monospace world/font output from Glyphs—give me a shout if you wanna take this thing for a test spin.

Not having to worry about individual letterspacing was a blessing and a curse it turns out—just ended up learning that it demands that the glyphs be designed to play well in any circumstance, without having the option of being kerned individually. Definitely learning that there are no shortcuts in well-developed type, but I'm learning to love the process a bit more. Hoping to continue building this into a bolder weight + italics in the future.

Still figuring out what role this guy will play in the FNX brand, if any, but loved where this is going.

Any feedback is definitely welcome!

Posted on Apr 13, 2021
Josiah Z.
KCMO *Brand Identity *Collage

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