(Freebie) A Simple Drag & Drop Project For After Effects CS6

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Finally guys! First of all, I’m really excited to be part of your awesome community (thanks load to @dribbble!) After browsing countless of designs here, I’ve decided to put myself at work and start sharing my own.

For my first shot, I wanted to give away a little something. As a matter of fact, I made a short video for an app lately and I was so impressed with all the possibilities offered by After Effect that I’ve decided to explore them a little deeper.

ISAP (iPhone + Screen Animation Pack) is a simple Drag & Drop freebie for After Effects CS6 to give your screen animations a more realistic look and feel, with very little knowledge of AE. All you have to do is choose an iPhone animation (3D or static), a screen animation (navigate, menu, scroll, pull to refresh, image viewer, etc.), drag&drop your screenshots and play with the screen animation’s options. And voila! Your app animation is generated automatically based on your screenshots. No animation skill needed.

This is my first time with AE expressions, so you will most certainly encounter bugs. Feedbacks/bugs report are super-welcome.

And if this is actually of any interest to you guys, I’ll come up in the next version with new and more flexible animations, designed to fit most applications’ patterns.

You can have a look at a high-res demo (with a static iPhone) + download (again, for free) here. You may have to wait for the video to load though.

Hope you’ll like it!


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