Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Changes name to Red Halftone. Posts blue halftone. I always thought this was a funny saying as a kid. It’s an idiom that modernly means ‘gossiping can cause trouble’. Looking into its origin I found it was used as WWII propaganda in the US and created by the War Advertising Council. It was part of a campaign to advise people to avoid ‘careless talk that would undermine the war effort’. Apparently, a lot of other countries had their own variation of it too. Looking back at it now “the experts” believe its goal was to frighten people into not spreading rumors—or truths.

I think of all the slogans that people come up with these days and wonder which ones will stick around to become an idiom that takes on a cute and harmless meaning years from now. Curious what you think?

Lisa Champ
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