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Is it possible to manage your health like you manage your personal finances? There's no certain answer but the digital market offers some solutions. We've fantasized a bit and come up with an exploration of a wellbeing assistant app. This is a health tracker integrated with a chatbot to book an appointment with a doctor.

The shot shows the home screen with tracked stats like the heart rate shown in dynamics, the average number of sleep hours, water intake, and steps walked that day. The second screen shows the chatroom with the virtual assistant in the process of booking an appointment.

We crafted the color scheme to be simple but reassuring. The dominating color is blue, and we employed a variety of blue tones in interface elements while keeping the background white.

We wanted this concept to be a helpful tool for people who want to stay healthy. The app brings together a health tracker and a hospital appointment bot. We envision this to be a part of a bigger digital hospital environment that will truly connect people to their chosen hospitals and help them prevent health problems.

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