Labello Design Concept

Concept: Blackberry Bliss

The concept of this design is based on the use of the flavour of the product and the feeling of bliss that it creates. This feeling was the inspiration for the illustrations. The design features a female figure and blackberry illustrations. The female figure shows her bliss by using the blackberry flavour product and the illustration of enlarged blackberries completing the female figure and flavour.

Labello is a well know product used and by many. I wanted to compliment the brand with the style of the designs. My design represents two variations of the illustration. I wanted to create something that represents the essence of the products flavour and the feeling that the product causes, bliss. I wanted the design to be easily adaptable to fit any product flavour in the range. In this case, the female figure can stay but her hair colour and flavour illustration in the background will be adapted.

I designed the layout using whitespace at the bottom to be able to recognise the flavour of the product easily and the colour of the illustrations to complement the product flavours.

Posted on Apr 11, 2021
Charlene Visser
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