Church of the Magdalen Mark

I worked on a new logo design for the Church of the Magdalen. I wanted to base the design off of the same rationale that was used in their old logo, but make it more modern

The old logo for this church was explained like this:
- Church of the Magdalen, our parish name. “To the honor of God and the Magdalen" is inscribed on our church building.
- We’re proud of our neighborhood, The Southampton. We’ve been a part of it since 1919.
- The waves are a connection to St. Louis BUT mainly symbolize St. Mary Magdalen’s hair, with which she dried the feet of Jesus (Luke 7:38).
- The space at the top represents our hope in what the Lord will grow “through the works of our hands” (Ps 90).
- The tilt in the image symbolizes our parish moving forward. Green also symbolizes new life!

This new logo tries to use those same symbols to make the logo simple, clean, and modern.
- The new logo uses the drop to represent the perfume and hair used to clean Jesus' feet. Representing Mary Magdalen.
- The hair going off to the right symbolizes our parish moving forward.
- Green for new life.

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