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I'm ready to show Brand new website conception for

What Client Say: Current web experience is not a true reflection of brand identity.

Task: Enrich Visual Identity 🔥

About OMUT
Wearable objects made of metal chains, created for a quick and easy transformation.

Surprise, invent, rediscover: these words have been firmly embedded in the omut lexicon since 2010, when the brand was founded in moscow by designer Nastya Klimova.

Key Brand Message that Resonates:
The real you is better than any idea of who you think you should be. OMUT can help you feel more confident when you need it most, it can serve as both armor and inspiration 🖤🔗⚔️

🌿 New Visual Identity Solution:
I used visual metaphor of Cards to show the Duality of human nature. Functional minimalism, jewelry forms, asymmetrical balance, clean and spacious typography fitting in with the brand style.

Made with: Figma


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Posted on Apr 9, 2021
Nastya Svezhentseva
Product Designer (UX/UI), Interaction & Branding lover 🍉

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