An Ode to Hipsters

Hey folks, well here it is: a shirt for hipsters and wanna-be's alike on Cotton Bureau! By wearing this, your neither calling yourself a hipster (which would make you *not* a hipster) nor are you saying that you're not a hipster (which is basically fine).

We're (@Smorrs Brothers) trying to get this thing to print, and can only do it with your help. Your purchase would be MUCH appreciated, or, since we don't have a huge audience, we'd appreciate a share, at least.

Here's the way Cotton Bureau works: we have 14 days (now down to 7) to pre-sell 12 shirts. We aren't doing this for the money, because we won't be making anything off the shirt unless we sell more than 26. We've got 2 sold, so that leaves us with 10 to go. Go make a difference and pay your respects to the hipsters that make the world spin.

An Ode to Hipsters
Here's to the ones who unite in their false sense of originality.
Here's to the ones who'd rather spell out the ingredients of their caramel macchiato, than call it a [redacted] caramel macchiato.
Here's to the ones who know what they are, but don't call themselves what they are, because calling themselves what they are would make them not what they are.
Thank you hipsters. Keep making the world spin awkwardly.


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