The new Focus Lab brand is live!!

Here's a little detail to capture the essence...

Our visual identity — starting with a new mark — cements the idea of a never-ending growth cycle, signifying that everything and everyone has room to grow, and Focus Lab exists to unlock that potential. Each growing bar of the wheel depicts the stages of growth; potential is unlocked one step at a time. Our new custom type, “Focus Display,” brings a level of sophistication to an overwhelmingly sans serif world. It adds personality with a flavor of wisdom, a perfect symbol of our expertise. The larger visual language balances both clean aesthetics, occasional hand-drawn elements, and an intentionally imperfect collage style for blog/social images. All of this combined represents our comprehensive brand identity, which is passionate, imperfect, strategic, hands-on, seasoned, inventive, unpretentious, creative, and empathetic.

See it all 👉

Props to the entire Focus Lab team. Each and every team member had a special part to play in this big undertaking. As our new mark represents, all the elements of the visual identity are built with specific intention and future vision in mind.

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