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How many artists do you know who would paint (pre-COVID, of course) their masterpieces in the midst of a cubicle farm?

Sounds silly, I know! But given how much "creativity" seems to be the antithesis of "enterprise software," it's a wonder us creatives get anything done on platforms so divorced from our own tastes and out of our aesthetic control.

We wanted create.ONE to be different. We wanted a brand to immediately feel at home when they are creating, enveloped by their own brand color scheme and fonts. So we build our platform to be easily customizable to a brand's satisfaction.

But the challenge of allowing such customization is that, implemented poorly, it can "white label" the platform entirely, completely erasing the individuality of the platform itself.

We wanted the spirit of Resonance - our driving mission to empower valuable and sustainable fashion brands with everything we do - to also be perceivable to our users within the interface.

We believed we could balance both of these competing concerns: create a space where designers feel totally at home, while maintaining the distinct look and feel of create.ONE. You can judge for yourself whether we were successful in our attempts at differentiation, but we've received nothing but stellar feedback on our results!

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