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So many people strive every day to be the best version of themselves. We all work with the fact that we are madly in love, and it is for this reason, people who are in love with work like me and I need to monitor their health. The entire Internet is abuzz with the fact that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body, and the unique formula of this health is 60% - balanced nutrition, 30% - healthy and sound sleep, and only 10% of training. Nevertheless, you need to move at least 10,000 steps every day, or jogging or other sports. A healthy question arises of how to track these indicators every day and do not forget to do it regularly. There are smart scales, smartwatches, and various programs for recording and analyzing all this. We are so immersed in the information chaos that it becomes even more challenging to find something of our own. My idea for a landing page for a new app is that you, as a user, can track everything in one place. And it quickly turns into a habit. And the most exciting thing is that you can always synchronize the application with the current parameters, and based on your lifestyle, you can easily calculate your biological age. What about circadian cycles and recommendations? And this is also in the application.

The landing page aims to introduce you to this application and show out everything that can be done in the application. Still, it’s only interesting to open the curtain and interest you in what you downloaded and tried it yourself. I found such a presentation to be the most beneficial since a clean and understandable design already disposes of the optimal amount of information. I analyzed a lot of different applications and product sites, and this result has borne fruit immediately. Users have already rated the app from ads on the landing page. Now it’s your turn to appreciate my efforts.


Design — Figma
Illustrations — Illustrator
Animation — AE

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