C is for Choco Taco

Next in the 90s Nibbles series, C is for Choco Taco! I used to get these as a special treat for surviving the public pool 🏊 as a kid. I was a very anxious child, and the public pool experience provided all the mental obstacles you could ask for. From wearing next to nothing in front of so many sets of eyes, to awkwardly bumping into others in the overcrowded mess, it was a miracle I had time to enjoy swimming and doing canon bombs. I really earned my Choco Taco, but I certainly wouldn’t eat it within a half-hour of swimming. No, no, no. I didn’t know what would happen to me if I didn’t wait for a half-hour after eating, but I didn’t ever want to find out. Turns out the whole half-hour rule is a myth, based on too much blood flow being used for digestion to get to your swimming parts..blah blah...drowning...blah. Anyway, NOT TRUE! I haven’t had one of these in forever, but I sure wouldn’t mind one right now!⠀
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Fun fact: Choco Tacos were sold at Taco Bell for several years, so some people still think that Taco Bell invented it. But it was invented in Philly by a VP of Jack & Jill Ice Cream Co. â €

Noah Camp
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