SHERPA Fintech App for Android

SHERPA is a Money Savings app for people who aren’t particularly savvy with their finances, but want to save money quickly for large purchases, like a new car or an upcoming vacation. This app makes it easy to set goals and quickly save for those goals.

I was responsible for the Branding and User Interface Design, including user flows, testing, wireframing, prototypes and finished interface design.

The objective was to create a brand that speaks to people who want a fast and simple way to set big financial goals for themselves. The brand would guide the project, just as the app would guide the user to financial success.

This project began by identifying the scope of the project, and then conducting a competitive analysis of similar apps in the market. I then created a concept that played on the idea of a “guide” leading the user to the summit of financial success. This was the initial seed for the guiding principles of the brand. From these principles, I could develop the look and feel that would identify the SHERPA brand.

Next I followed a simple User Story to illustrate the steps necessary to complete the onboarding process of a Savings Goal. The steps needed to include the user entering data like a budget, timeline and bank accounts. It also needed to be simple and easy to follow.

From the User Flow I could identify the screens I needed to design, and made rough sketches to generate quick ideas on how the basic layout might be organized. I then brought the best ideas into Sketch and digitized them, following close to Material Design guidelines.

Before finalizing my High-Fidelity Wireframes I needed to test the flow on a few users to make sure everything flowed well and felt intuitive. I pulled my Mid-Fi Wireframes into Invision and recorded the screen tests to analyze the subtle behaviors of each user.

With the test results being fairly successful, I made some minor tweaks based upon the analysis.

The final User Interface is shown here replicating the simple onboarding process of setting up a savings goal. All branding has been implemented, including logos, colors, typography and imagery. A home page below, promoting the app, also helps to illustrate value to the user.

The biggest challenge I found with this app was understanding how Fintech Apps functioned, as I was not a user myself of such apps. I had to get familiar with a few different apps before I could feel confident I understood how to design one.

I also challenged myself by designing for an Android device. I am an iOS user and wanted to get more comfortable with the other platform. Overall I am pleased with the outcome!

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