CapWay Redesign - Mobile Banking App

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Mobile banking apps are fast becoming an essential tool for consumers looking to manage their finances more effectively. CapWay ( one of them. CapWay is also the main character of our today's redesign experiment!

The shot shows three revamped screens of the app - onboarding, home, and a transaction screen. The home screen provides quick and easy access to account balance, recent transactions, and status of an ordered CapWay Debit Card. While on the transaction screen, users can receive a bank statement, see the list of purchases, and even divide the bill.

Despite the app's revamp being the main goal of creating this shot, we decided to stick to the colors of CapWay when choosing the UI color palette.

How do you like our creative experiment with CapWay's app?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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