RS-529, my starting point


A couple days ago i made this study around a place that is very important to me, my hometown, when i lived there as a child i didn't realise the importance that the place where we grow up have, and how that enviroment affects who we are today.

I grew up in Maçambará, a small city in the west border of Rio Grande do Sul, southern state of Brazil, our home was in the RS-529, a state highway that connected us to the rest of the world.

This coordinates are from that house, an old house not so well conservated, there i lived with my brothers and my mom, a place that i'm registering in every possible form so i never forget.

I started respecting and preserving my roots, realised that what makes us is our story, the people we keep around and the people that we will never forget.

If you read all of this, thank you very much, this is a little piece of this project, a starting point of something that I'm not sure yet.

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