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👋 Hello, Folks!
Last year we collaborated with Selfso Team to Create an Application Design called Selfso. It's been almost a year now and We are very excited to share with you what we've done!

📹What is Selfso?
Selfso is a Social App for Sharing Videos and Photos to friends. The USP of this app is they are providing Users to record Short and Long Video which Enables them to Record the Creative Content they wanted to record.

🚀 What was the challenge?
We needed to create a great user experience and flow for users Which will provide them To record Short and Long Videos in a more pleasant and minimal way.

💁🏻 How did we help?
Working with Selfso was a wonderful experience for us. We went to through the entire design and created an impressive user experience for their app. We designed the app for iOS and Android and also did branding for them.

🎨Services Provided
• Branding Identity
• Application Design

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